Following the tragic events of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, many media outlets have offered the opinion : “Now is not the time for politics”, and have offered thoughts and prayers for the families of those affected.  There is, however, an alternate view.

We all feel pain and remorse for what happened to those 19 children and two adults yesterday.  We will mourn and we will ask why when we already know why (Because there was a gun handy and the shooter had problems), and we will wait for 3 days until the next news cycle and be upset, outraged, tickled again.

Fox News is reporting an active shooting at – no, wait, that’s not until Saturday when they run the target shooting documentary.

And those same three days from now will bring twenty one funerals, which is more than the ones for soldiers in the Afghanistan terror attack or Benghazi.  Children.

Well one person believes it IS time for politics.  That person is heroic US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the state of New York, who feels that we’ve had enough demonstrations of pride and machismo with the second constitutional amendment.

“Our conservative friends are quick to say ‘don’t blame the gun’ for the shooting.  Someone like this could have used a knife or a rope if they were bound and determined to kill,” she began before a media audience.

“The trouble is, he used a weapon that fires bullets at 1800 miles per hour from a safe distance.  Like any other gun.  There isn’t time for a ‘good guy with a gun’ to react.  For God’s sake, these were children.  All these ‘pro-life’ people care so much for children that they’re okay with burying them.  Well I’m not okay.”

Ocasio-Cortez then steadied herself and looked straight at the assembled cameras.

“It’s time to rewrite the second amendment.  These aren’t cowboy times, and I’m hoping we’re more advanced as a society now.  No American citizen needs an entire armory.  The government isn’t planning to attack you.  Grow the hell up.”

Cortez was met with mixed results including cheers and applause and some mixed “boos” from psychopathic morons.

– Report filed by Joe Barron, journalist.


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