The 42nd US Court of Appeals has turned down ABC Entertainment’s request for an appeal of the decision to hand Roseanne Barr $208 million and control of “The Conners” by a Los Angeles jury.

ABC petitioned the court on the grounds that Roseanne had already signed away the rights to the show for an undisclosed amount and that no satirical jury settlement should cost them one of their best shows.

“Nobody wants her back,” said producer Joe Barron, “The entire cast will quit. John Goodman says he’ll kick her in the neck if she shows her face. How are we supposed to deal with that?”

According to the appeals judge,  the Honorable Art Tubolls, it doesn’t really matter how they deal with it. “ABC stole the show from Barr and now ABC can deal with the ramifications,” he wrote in his denial letter.”

Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, Roseanne can move on to what she’s been looking to do for some time now: fire the entire cast and crew. “There’s no need for them to quit,” she said, “they’re all fired. They all betrayed me. Now they can pay the price.”

“The Conners” will likely fade into oblivion. Roseanne has plenty of money, and selling the show for syndication would put money in the pockets of the haters, so she’ll probably just let it die. It’s her show, after all.


  1. N riddle

    Good for her
    They did steal her show. Shame on all of them for turning their backs on her.

  2. Kelly G Crews

    Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face Rosi, make money off of all of them. LOL They all will be making you money and working for you.

    • Tammy Ngo

      Loved watching Rosanne and was so excited for the Connors…until they canceled her. Havent watched it since and never will. However, any further production by Roseanne is on my watch list.
      Welcome back!


    Even after everything she went through, they still try to demonize her. What does that say about them? In the end she won…they stole the show from her and I’m glad she’s firing them all (I never watched an episode). Love Roseanne & wish her the very best!

  4. Barbara Rosenthal

    Right is Might!
    Glad for Roseanne.

  5. Randy Harris

    Let it run and make sure they know that it’s you that makes that money appear. If their morals are as high and mighty as they say, they should walk away from the money. Own them, that’s the best insult you can hand them.

  6. Tracey Sloggett

    I am not a fan of hers. However; right is right and anything that pokes the woke left is great for our society! They turned on her because she chose to be herself and not cave to ignorant political correctness. Good for her!

  7. Lynda Phillips

    The show was nothing when they fired Roseanne. They r turncoats. All the years they worked together and to fire her was cruel. They had no loyalty. Let the show die.

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