The mayor of a small town in Arizona has caused a stink yesterday when he quietly raised a Communist-y flag over the municipal building and likely signaled to China his willingness to take in illegal refugees fleeing Coronavirus. This defies all common sense, but it will spread like a pandemic anyway.

The small town of Dimmsdale, Arizona has a population of 1600, many of them liberals from California who took over the place after Obama crashed the economy in 2008. This hasn’t stopped the handful of remaining old-time residents from reaching out to Trumps investigators, alerting them to the plans of Liberal Mayor Yuri Dumas.

According to resident organic catnip farmer, Sandy Batt:

I am home with a Miller Lite in one hand watching SNL with a chiweenie sleeping on my head when I look out the window and see a commie-looking flag being hoisted up the pole. I thought, man…the taters are going to lose it.

So, I go out and sure enough they were. They are some nasty assholes. Phyllis Baumgardner exposed the mayor’s plot to us all because she keeps up with all the behind-the-scenes government stuff on her blog. She has an anonymous inside source. She and her daughter Karen run the only salon in town, so they hear about everything there, too. It was unbelievable. That’s when I left to grab Margarita mix with Korodani.

A quick trip to Phyllis and Karen’s salon for more information yielded nothing but a sign that said, “No comments please.” and that they would be closed until April when the sun would be hot enough to kill the virus. These are obviously patriotic women who take the advice of our President quite seriously.

Where does it say my coupon is expired? Show me.

Art Tubolls reached out to Mayor Dumas for comment but was rudely called a ‘Trumpanzee’ and hung up on. We observed that the flag in question does look commie and with nothing to refute these claims we can only assume the rest of these allegations are true.

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