The Lincoln Project is a bunch of Republicans in name only that has a seemingly endless supply of money and the sole objective to smear President Trump. They’ve even gone so far as to support his senile opponent Joe Biden. To even the most casual observer out there, this makes absolutely no sense.

An audit of the 501(c)(3) organization known as The Lincoln Project revealed that George Soros has given 413 million dollars this year alone to remove our beloved President from office. Even with all of the media blitzing that has been done, the directors of The Lincoln Project are believed to have made millions from the deal.

Art Tubolls of The Lincoln Project released the following statement:

“Yes, George Soros funded us. It was a godsend. True patriots have been witnessing the destruction that Donald Trump has been doing to our once great nation. We just got sick of it but we didn’t have the means to do anything about it.

When Soros approached us with his offer, we couldn’t refuse. His money didn’t impact how we felt or what we wanted to do. We just took it, no strings attached, and ran with it to make some viral videos. They seem to be working. Everyone who doesn’t like Trump loves us.

It’s only those unpatriotic fools that don’t. Thank you for your time.

The bank closes in a half hour…do you think they bought it? Oh crap, the mic is still on?”

Tubolls quickly left the building. It is clear that the only love that The Lincoln Project has is a love of money and not a love of country. Manipulating the media and lying to try to get President Trump removed from office is the true crime.

Fortunately, Americans see through these Soros-funded shenanigans and will not allow petty videos designed to weaken America to sway them when it’s time to hit the polls.

Say No to The Lincoln Project and Yes to America and Donald Trump.

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