Walmart Incorporated LLC has canceled a lucrative contract with Disney over its “wokeness” policies. According to a statement from Walmart Marketing Director, Christopher “Bus” Tatroll, the new line of Disney products isn’t conducive of what Walmart customers want:

“Our customers are traditional. They’re here to find the least expensive version of the things their kids want. They don’t want to pay an extra $22 for a Princess that comes with an interchangeable male head. It’s the dumbest thing ever.”

Disney CEO, Joe Barron, has been on a mission to defend the new line of woke products, comparing them to when Barbie revolutionized the doll industry bt offering a doll with a big ass and a homosexual Ken.

Those lines of toys haven’t done well, and Disney knows it, but they continue to cater to the radical left, an organization of people looking to force all children to change genders.

There are bad things happening, patriots. Sometimes we have no control. Sometimes, we have a lot of control. Since most conservatives are wealthy landowners, we can choose where to buy our Nattie Light. I choose to pay the extra dollar at Target. They let them dudes protect the Oreos with their AR15s.

God bless America.

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