You’ve probably seen plenty of political ads on television these last few weeks from both candidates in the 2020 election.  Several of the spots representing President Donald Trump in particular, continuously claim that his opponent Joe Biden will offer “amnesty” and cut taxes for illegal immigrants.

To no one’s great surprise, these displays grace Fox News frequently.

“Yes, I suppose if you keep your face constantly stuffed in Mr. Hannity’s crotch, you technically won’t need a mask.”

Constituting outright lies and nonsense from the Trump campaign, (if Biden cut lower to middle income taxes, Americans in general would overwhelmingly prosper as well as undocumented aliens who don’t file and put into the economy and do not take out), claims that there would be any kind of “amnesty” have not been made by anyone of any party since Ronald Reagan.

Biden appeared on Spanish Network Telemundo for an hour long interview on Sandra Batt’s program Que Honda, Cacajuate? to confront these rumors.

“Although Democrats are the party that is overwhelmingly supportive of our Latino communities while President Trump calls them rapers and murderers, we do not have any plans for any ‘amnesty’.

That is a silly and blatantly racist trope used by Trump and his teabagging gaggle of criminals to frighten old people.  The really sad part is that the Republican party at least pretends to support Christians, and claims to work for ‘traditional family values’, which would appeal, in general, to Latinos as a bloc.

Yet their overwhelming racism seems to take precedence.  Exactly like their ancient and backwards misogyny will lose them the woman’s vote.   They’re really just a collection of the most morally bankrupt Americans we have.

After the election, they better hope we give amnesty to the stupid.”

The interview shot to the number one spot in the ratings, or “Los ratings”, beating game shows hosted by puppets and a popular soap opera in which a Mexican businessman with slick hair must choose between his rich wife, his poor mistress, or a rare white burro.

President Trump himself also has a pet, a rare albino hamster-goat.

Currently leading in every poll, some by double digits, Biden is likely to become the 46th President of the United States, despite Trump’s ridiculous falsehoods.  Hasta la bye bye, Gordo.

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