Kid Rock has a pretty impressive career all around. He’s a hit musician as well as a fantastic actor. Who can forget his incredible performance in Joe Dirt? Raised in Michigan, this Kid has come an awful long way.

“He’s for something special,” Roseanne told Vanity Fair, “when you watch the scene at the end with him and Brandy you can really see the pain in his eyes.” The showrunner says she’s happy to have him for the three episodes but she hopes he’ll sign on for more.

The Kid, born James Larry Tesbocher in 1969, grew up in a trailer and lived a life of poverty. What’s most impressive is that he chose to live that way, since his trailer was located on four acres his dad gave him behind the family mansion. Sure, Kid could have used all that money and influence, but he swears he didn’t.

“I’m just another redneck straight out the trailer yo,” Kid says all the time, “Y’all don’t even know.”

Several people who do know say the whole thing is a ruse and the Tesbocher grew up a wealthy brat pretending to be poor, Billy Joel style. “Billy is my idol,” Kid said, “so it’s only natch that I would want to be like him.”

Joel confirmed that he was born and raised on Long Island with plenty of privilege. “Nothing like Kid Rock,” he said, “but I think it’s great he idolizes an actual musician.”

We look forward to seeing him on Roseanne’s new show. God Bless America.


  1. kevin jon jacobson

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