Trump loyalist and staunch conservative, Scott Baio, won his primary bid for Congress by a landslide. Within minutes, the Republican party’s nominee to take on Incumbent Ilhan Omar in Minnesota’s 34th Congressional District. Experts have long said it would take a “Rust Belt Hero” like Baio or possibly Henry Winkler himself to beat Omar’s strong Democrat base in the state.

Baio says he’ll use the Trump playbook for his electoral process and stay on the attack. “I need to remind people that Representative Omar isn’t really an American,” he said candidly, “she’s from a very bad place where there are a lot of terrorists and I even hear she may have had something to do with 911.”

The message resonated well with the Republican base in the rural areas beyond the cities. Bonfires and truck rallies raged into the night as Baio and his team celebrated back home in Burbank, California, where his career has been on hold for two decades or so. He plans to keep the rental there but will leave his job as a 3rd-shift forklift operator at Costco.

Baio’s fame combined with his savvy for simple labor and lower management potential make him a good fit for the Freedom Caucus, where he’ll just vote no on literally everything with BoBo and MTG. Trump fully supports the plan, as long as another seat goes red and “another of those refugee people.”

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