“The Sound of Freedom” is a fairly polarizing movie.  Based on the exploits of Tim Ballard, an ex-military American guardsman who quit his work to focus instead on finding and rescuing children in peril, it has all the makings of an American classic.

However, it did suffer somewhat from being pushed as a “based on a true story” tale, and then embellished to the gills for maximum likeability.

All the way until now, people still believe that the film is some sort of documentary, children are being sexually enslaved willy nilly every second, and it’s our job to stop it or we’re “pedophiles”. It’s fairly obvious that this isn’t even close to true, and it’s just a movie.

Nonetheless, as a warning to obnoxious Trumptards and fake “Christians” who jack off to the motion picture like Pee Wee Herman at a Deep Throat marathon, the MPAA has decided that it is ineligible for receipt of any academy award this year.

Academy associate President and hair stylist Sandy Batt spoke with the press on the matter.

“The academy specifically disallows for the nominations of any ‘religious’ movie, or movie paid for by a religious group.  That’s why “Dianetics” didn’t get an Oscar.  So yeah, it’s out.”

Since The Sound of Freedom is paid for and released by Angel productions, whose President regularly prays to Jesus for piles of sweet sweet money, it fits the bill.  What a shame.


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