Move over, Mr. Ballard.  There’s a new sheriff in town, and she’s coming right for you with her pink Mustang convertible.

“Barbie”, the new motion picture offering from Warner Brothers pictures has crashed through the monetary barrier, grossing over 155 million dollars in one weekend, crushing the former champion’s shittily-made Christian fare by almost quadruple.

Second place film “Oppenheimer” also whipped out a huge penis and pissed all over “The Sound of Freedom” with it’s own take of over a hundred million dollars.  The super important child abduction flick that makes conservatives feel oh so important for liking fell to twenty-second place, just underneath a documentary about shoelaces.

Barbie fan club President Joe Barron was ecstatic about the news and the movie itself.

“It’s really a great, colorful, feel-good epic tale about a beautiful woman and her plain ass boyfriend doing stuff.  It makes far more people happy than that preachy snoozefest.”

Barron contends that “Freedom” was only on the top because of a bad release week and the usual ten minute uprising of hundreds of Trumptards opening their penny jars.

“Was it ever really the TOP movie?  By some idiotic metrics, probably.  But literally every other movie made more.  Indiana Jones has made $300 million.  That’s without home release.  And that’s a flop.”

“The Sound of Freedom” has already passed the $100 million mark, making it bigger than “Ballistic : Ecks Vs Sever”. No wait, that one made $114 million.  Nevermind.


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