The left wing protests at Supreme Court members’ houses has taken a new and disgusting toll this afternoon as a so-called “protester” has dished his own dirt, so to speak, on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s house in suburban Queefball, New Jersey.

It’s the part of New Jersey with the new Dave and Busters the kids all love.

Police apprehended the poop-painting suspect, thirty-five year old transgender baseball seam-stitcher Joe Barron of Ocasio-Cortez, New York. The Dump Chump was being held without bail on one charge of indecent exposure.

In recent days after the leaked release of a memo from Judge Alito’s office detailing the intention of the court to overturn the historic Roe vs Wade decision, liberal “protesters” have flocked by the hundreds to the personal houses of conservative justices, making noise and generally walking around like big jerks.  It is indeed, a huge Fox News ready crisis.

The protesting has become so prevalent that Congress has taken up an actual bill forbidding the execution of such American human rights at the lawkeeper’s homes.  Anyone anywhere, however, is still free to protest at the White House, Nancy Pelosi’s dwelling or summer cottage, literally any other public place, or please, God, Joseph LaForm’s house.

Barron, for his part, is sitting and stewing upon his decision to smear his own fecal matter on the doors, windows, and outer surfaces of Miss Barret’s delightful abode.  He commented once before authorities jammed him into a van for a “rough ride”:

“I’d do it all over again, if I had another couple cans of beans and some red chili paste.  To hell with that Jesus freak blank-eyed bitch.”


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