The two seem inseparable. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg spend so much time together that they have cats named after each other. Whoopi was Joy’s Maid of Honor twice. Their children are huge stars in the CW’s DC Universe.

From the outside looking in, their friendship is solid. That’s not the case, however, according to a new tell-all by a source close to the show. “Joy Behar can not stand Whoopi Goldberg,” she told our correspondent on the ground, Skip Tetheludah, “she calls her a tyrant on a regular basis.”

The revelation is a surprise but not a shock, as everyone knows that Ms. Goldberg is a historically difficult person who doesn’t respect anyone with conservative values. Now it seems she’s also had her fill of liberals as well.

“Whoopi wants to live somewhere in the middle,” said her agent, Joe Barron, “she wants to have people on both sides who don’t want to be around her. Controversy means ratings. That’s why she makes $21 million a year.”

We reached out to Behar’s office for a comment but haven’t heard back yet. There’s a good possibility that she’s not used to being the subject of the story, as we typically use her in a supporting role. Every once in a while you have to have a Castiel episode.

So it looks like the honeymoon is over and it will likely spell the end for the horrible show, as it probably won’t be able to survive another year of being the worst-rated show on television. God bless America.


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