Morning Joe Scarborough is in big trouble, patriots, after making lewd and disgusting remarks about Ben Shapiro, a conservative speaker and media personality, and his sister Abigail, a hottie. Shapiro hasn’t denied the accusations publicly, because he doesn’t feel he should lend any credence to the claim.

The internet lit up with rumors of incest when Shapiro couldn’t stop talking about his smokin’ hot sister’s sweet, delicious knockers. While the Left may think it’s funny to make fun of a man who has to show great restraint when it comes to wanting to bone his own sister, they haven’t considered what the attention might do to Abigail and her reputation.

Leftists have been tweeting the accusations ever since:

Ben Shapiro is in love with her boobs, sure, but that’s because he’s a man. He probably likes his mom’s boobs, too. That doesn’t mean he lusts after them outside of the confined space behind his eyelids.

Scarborough will face the wrath of Shapiro and his legal reach, patriots, and it shall be magnificent. They’re saying pictures of the boobs in question will be on display on giant whiteboards.

Hallelujah for the American justice system. Where else can a story like this make so much sense?


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