After a long hiatus in the race to determine who will become the next Democratic hopeful to run against the greatest President ever in the history of the United States the two oldest and whitest men to ever run have decided to team together.

After seeing how wonderfully President Trump has handled the latest crisis and how his approval ratings have skyrocketed to unprecedented numbers the two old men have gotten together to run as one team called Berdin, which is a cute liddle’ mix of both men’s names Bernie and Biden.

Joe Barron spokesman for Sanders and Sandy Batt for the Biden campaign sat down for an interview.

Barron: We were sitting around late one night discussing strategy over a few beers and tequila shots and Sandy came up with this brilliant idea. It’s monumental.

Batt: Its really very easy to pull off. There’s nothing in the Constitution that says we can’t do it. After all at this point the damn thing (Constitution) has been trashed. Donald Trump has basically crapped all over it, It’s practically worthless.

Barron: We are going to have to build a new one from scratch after DJT is gone. One that appeals to the Democrats. 2nd Amendment is gone. Kaput. Besides he can’t stay there forever you know.

Wrong Mr. Barron. DJT as you call him can stay forever. Even if, God forbid something was to happen. Since the Dems have ruined this 1st term for him, he will get a third one. That’s a given.

People have asked “Where’s Rudy?” He’s been working with the judges on the Supreme Court to “git ‘er dun!” so to speak. There will be a Trump in the White House for decades. America Will Be What America Should Be. AWBWASB and you can take that to Deutsche Bank.


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