Beyoncé Knowles is a lot of things. A pop star who dabbles in rap music. An ex Destiny’s Child. Wife of rapper Jay-Z and a New York City socialite. What’s she’s not though, is a country music star. Country music fans saw through her immediately.

She’s a known liberal supporter of BLM, a Trump hater and once again, from New York City. Any true country music fan knows that nobody from NYC knows a darned thing about country music. They know she’s a country music carpet bagger, just along for the cash.

Her roots are in hip hop, rap and pop. No matter how hard she tries, she’ll never be accepted by real country fans. Country is a feeling. A lifestyle. It’s a movement of sorts. And she isn’t one of them. Country music record exec Joe Barron stated that “she’s not genuine, it’s all an act.”

That’s not to say she didn’t try. To make her move to country, she did things to make it seem real. She stopped seasoning her food. Started wearing crocs. Drove an old pick up that Kid Rock fans stole the catalytic converter off of. She even was going to play spin the bottle with her brother but husband Jay Z put the kibosh on that.

Her country intentions were as clear as day to real country music fans. Messages of racial unity. Slowly suggesting seasoning your chicken and dating outside of your family. Wearing something other than pajamas at Walmart. As if she had ever been in a Walmart.

Real country fans reject those ideas. Why walk down the street when you can stroll down the hallway for some love. Food doesn’t need flavor if you burn it enough. Stuff like that. How dare she indoctrinate the most American people with these ideas.

Maybe she’ll hang up her Gucci cowboy hat and go back to New York City where she belongs. Make an album with Taylor Swift. But please Beyoncé, leave our trailer parks that are in disrepair alone. God bless America.


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