President Joe Biden says he’s pleased to announce the first all-transgender special forces unit of the United States Marine Corps. The unit, which now goes by the designation THEY106, has 8 members, all of whom have fully transitioned from their original genders.

While the unit is inclusive to transgender people for the first time, it still has strict rules. Prospective enrollees can’t identify as either male or female, even if they have visible signs of gender, such as large breasts or an oversized penis area.

Once in the program, they’re not allowed to date amongst themselves, unless they identify as two people and decide to date the other. As is their constitutional right.

The unit will focus on strategic missions into dangerous urban areas of North Dakota and will then cross the border into Canada for a 14-week training session with the RCMP Transgender Sled Dog Team, the pride of the Canadian government. It’s unclear how many of the dogs have fully transitioned.

It seems clear that Biden wants everything to be run by transgender people. They’re the beacon of light behind critical race theory and atheism, so why wouldn’t he?

God bless America.



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