Babies are going hungry, and nobody can figure out why. As formula disappears from store shelves, unanswered questions swirl in an air of uncertainty over something that simply has no explanation.

Or does it?

A new report from the Conservative United National Trust shows the Biden administration purchased 11 million cases of formula from 14 different manufacturers, leaving only one to produce the bulk of the national supply. Experts say the 11 million cases represent a 36 percent market option with a 43 percent return on supply and demand. Numbers like those point to distributive manipulation, a federal crime under USC 2 Title 709 ss. 5982, “the distribution of vital nutrients to babes of the several states shall not be infringed.”

But infringe is exactly what Biden seems to be doing. He wants the babies to be hungry so we won’t want more babies and we’ll all embrace abortion up to and including one month after birth. That’s the future Democrats want.

There’s no knowing exactly where the formula went or if it was used as formula at all. Some sources believe it may have been needed as an additive to pizza crust to entice children to be groomed. There’s simply not another plausible explanation.

The Biden administration called the news “ridiculous,” and Press Secretary Jenn Psaki said, “you clowns should stop listening to Flagg.” This reporter was flattered to be recognized by a cougar ginger milf, and understands her hesitation to approve of my journalisticatin’. You have my digits, Jen. HMU.

God bless America.

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