President Joe Biden said he’ll authorize a 100 percent tax writeoff for any abortion-related expenses incurred by employers. The move comes after dozens of America’s largest companies came out in support of killing babies, offering free passage for its employees to blue states where murder is still legal.

Biden says the credit would fall under normal expenses incurred on behalf of an employee, as though companies regularly write off the expense of an employee’s benefits or something.

The federal government, its employees, and their children are all exempt, of course, making this s a huge win for Hunter Biden.

Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave to discuss how the order might affect the taxpayer, but there was no word if they were grooving with as pict. The Biden administration denies knowing anything about the situation.

The time has come for action, patriots. If you know a mouse and he doesn’t have a house and you can’t for the life of you figure out why you call him Gerald, look for the room with the musical tunes and find a good one.

The IRS says the order will cost about $600 billion. That’s just too much.


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