Sleepy creepy Joe Biden says that the recent efforts by GOP lawmakers to curb the spread of pedophilia in this country are “weird.”

Apparently, the president feels it would be better for our kids to learn that some of their friends may have two moms than to stick to traditional messaging until they’re old enough to comprehend. And that age, of course, should be left up to parents.

Biden also has issues with people going to school boardrooms to demand they teach things that make America look good, not that CRT stuff about slavery and civil rights.

Biden was asked what he thought of the new laws popping up across the country that make it illegal to talk to kids about sex. He said, “Nobody is talking to your Kindergarten through 3rd-grader about sex. They might mention it up to about 5th-grade, when it become a thing, because humans do things.

To call a family with two dads ‘pedophilia’ is just weird.”

There you have it folks. He thinks it’s weird to call pedophiles out. He kinda worded it so it sounded better, and now I feel a little dirty, but nothing a good shower won’t fix.

Protect your children, patriots! God bless America.

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