For years, liberals have crammed down everyone’s throats the friendship of Joe Biden and Barrack Obama.

Supposedly, the “friends” did all kinds of things together. Like going for a run.

Or having a glass of water together, afterward to cool off.

But, there is trouble in paradise. During an exclusive campaign fundraiser for the Democrat elite, Joe Biden was caught on a microphone he was sure was off saying terrible things about his “so-called” friend, Obama.

“He and I hardly ever spoke. Most of the time, we posed for photo ops together because our PR Manager, Sandy Batt, thought a ‘White House Bromance’ whatever the heck that is, would be a big seller for the administration.

I’m so glad to be rid of that baggage. It’s clear his image isn’t going to help me win against Trump. I’m not even sure he was born here. I’ve heard he was born in Kenya!

Obama was a fake and a fraud and that’s the truth.”

Once Biden realized his comments were heard by all, including Obama himself who was standing right beside Joe at the time, Biden followed up by saying this:

“But, I’m sure the Obamas are very nice people. Even their little dog Bo, too.”

Obama was visibly upset by the comments, crossed his arms like a toddler, and ran off the stage to the men’s room where Michelle was waiting to comfort him.

It’s quite obvious that Joe Biden isn’t trustworthy. Look at how he talks about people he’s had relationships with for decades. How could the American people possibly think he would be genuine throughout his campaign if he so blatantly stabs people in the back.

This is not the actions of someone who is presidential material. We can do better, America.

Loyalty and honesty still mean something here. Especially to conservatives like us.

It’s too bad Democrats picked such a terrible candidate to run against Donald Trump. If there is anything we know about our president, it’s that he likes a good, honest competition.

It’s obvious that Joe Biden’s character means he will go low and play dirty clear through November.


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