I’m relatively sure you’ve heard about the concept of “Reparations”.  It’s an idea borne of the Anglo-Saxon guilt over slavery and the terrible conditions provided for the black American population over time.

Reparations are modern-day recompense for those slights, even though the children and grandchildren of owned slaves during that time are no longer with us.  It’s purely racial.

But how far should we go with this?  That would be a good question for President Joe Biden and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who sponsored Senate bill number 5150-C, which declares that the government will be able to provide private property as renumeration for those tragedies.

Yes, that means your house, taters.  Scared?

According to the bill, says White House legal aide Joe Barron, homes valued at over two-hundred thousand dollars will all be put on a “wait list”. Applicants will be screened, and if and when they are approved, the house will be vacated, and they will be the new owners.

Is this legal?  Well, according to eminent domain laws, no, not in the slightest.  But that doesn’t stop dickheads like Mark Levin from waggling their tongues about it, like I heard last night on the car radio.

Will any of this happen?  No.  Are you going to lose your hard-earned house?  Maybe, if you don’t pay taxes or set fire to it or something.  Otherwise, no, but you’ll mention this article to the boys at the bar or the women in the hair place.

You foolish ignorant morons, you.


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