Joe Biden is at it again, going off script and trying to make a point nobody asked for.

While speaking to a group of American wheat and cotton farmers, Biden said that the Republican party has abandoned them, and that they won’t be coming back to help.

“They would love to own slaves again,” said the president, “that way they could take away the African American vote and get free labor.

And then they’d complain about how expensive slavery is and ask the government to subsidize the cost. So 10 years in, you have millions of people on a single-payer government system. It’s not sustainable. And guess what?”

Biden then left the stage, without answering his own question, to the sound of crickets. The crowd was lost, and so was he.

While the stop was unofficial and nobody bothered to get video, alert the press, or otherwise acknowledge that this happened, our eyewitness sources confirm that for $40, they’ll say anything.

God bless America.

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