By now, just about everyone worldwide is familiar with the sordid tale of sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.  Catering the sexual services of underage prostitutes secretly to the rich and famous in Hollywood and political circles was his bread and butter

Years ago, Epstein took his own miserable life in prison, (or DID he?  We may never know), but his list of clients is still out there in a federal office under lock and key.  Where it will stay, according to President Joe Biden.

Just this week, under pressure from a phalanx of conservative Republican politicians, the list was brought up again, and Biden very quickly and without fanfare, ordered the feds to hold onto it, until such time as it could be destroyed.

But why?  Why deny everyone access?  Does it qualify as “top secret information?”. What is he afraid of?

Presidential Blumpkin expert Joe Barron explained the entire thing, live on the Malcom Reynolds podcast Aiming To Misbehave.

“Look.  This is to all the backwards ass consevatards out there, so worried down in their Fruit of the Looms about it.   There IS NO ‘client liat’.  Why would there be?  I mean, think for ten seconds.  Jesus Christ.  Epstein wasn’t goddamn Montgomery Ward.”

So if the list doesn’t exist, why would Biden order it paper non-grata then for because?

“Because, once again, with feeling, this is a SATIRE page.  Nothing in it is true.  It doesn’t really matter to Trumpers because they live in post-truth America, I know.  Whatever.  There isn’t any ‘list’. Go complain about Goldberg or football kneeling or some shit.”

Clearly, an attempt to cover up the list and sweep it under the rug.  But there’s always photos, right gang?  Like the one with Trump?  Naughty naughty, sir.

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