Joe Biden has ordered FEMA to seize thousands of cases of baby formula and send them to the southern border where, as he says, “people are in need.” He seems to forget that there’s a baby formula shortage right here in the United States.

Biden’s thievery will cost the American people billions so illegals can potentially get their hands on formula meant for patriotic, American babies. White House Director of Propaganda, Art Tubolls, says the shipments aren’t bound for Mexico or any other country. He says the essential nutrients are destined for people int eh US.

Does that mean he’s giving it to illegals here in the US? It must, since there’s no other logical explanation and all Democrats want open borders and free stuff.

FEMA says the shipments are headed to states near the border like Mississippi where poverty runs rampant, to help yet another Republican-sponsored issue unfold. Of course they’d say that, being Biden’s puppets.

Poor Texans and Louisiananites will also get free stuff, but only if they’re registered to vote Democrat. That’s fair somehow.

Biden denies that there’s a rule in place to deny formula to Republicans. ALLOD wasn’t able to confirm or deny the report, so we’re erring on the side of caution and saying it’s absolutely true.



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