Sleepy Jo Biden’s handlers have told him to sign on the dotted line again, and so he did. Executive Order B7856T53 states that all “assault rifles” are hereby banned from registering for the Federal Firearms List. That means they can’t be serial numbered, therefore they can’t be sold.

Since “assault rifle” doesn’t actually mean anything, as “AR” obviously means “Armalite,” the list will include anything the liberals find particularly menacing. The resulting drop in inventory and eventual government confiscation of remaining stock, which now have “invalid” serial numbers, will result in the shutdown of more than 3000 gun shops, according to independent research.

The shops in question are in mostly rural towns, outside where people buy weapons just for protection. Out there, they buy them for serious game hunting, which might require a spray of bullets tumbling through a herd of feral hogs at ridiculously high rates of speed, tearing them to shreds. Biden’s Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, says pigs are closest to humans in the way the flesh reacts to a gunshot wound, and that we’ll all be “roasting 4th-graders over a spit in no time.” Experts believe he may have gone off script on that one.

At any rate, no guns killed anyone again today unless someone pulled a trigger, so the US gets to trudge forward with ignorance and talking points over simple logic and common sense.

God bless America.

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