As the 2020 race heats up, enemy candidate Joe Biden may have over-played his hand when he revealed his ultimate goal to a Republican Spy in his campaign.

Intending to take advantage of a little known, oft whispered about loop-hole in Presidential Rules, Biden has made it known that when the time comes, he will name Former President Barack Obama as his running mate. His plan then, is to immediately resign, passing the presidency back into the hands of the ultimate evil, Obama.

What’s frightening, is that this is totally legal and actually written into the Constitution. Technically, Obama can get, at the very least, another term this way. And, if the Democrats keep winning, they can just keep having Obama as their Vice and keep resigning to re-install him as leader. There are plans in the works, allegedly, for Biden to run, and then abdicate to Obama, followed by a run by AOC, and then abdicate to Obama, and so on and so forth, following the Democrat de jour’s popularity.

Republican leadership has been flummoxed as to how to stop this from happening. Unfortunately, the Constitution is clear: if someone is elected first as Vice, they can inherit the presidency an unlimited amount of times. Mitch McConnell has considered blocking it, but as he is currently working on President Trump’s 3rd Term as allowed to him by his Acquittal, he cannot stop one without stopping the other.

Scary times we live in..

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