In an unspeakable tragedy just yesterday, over 330 American citizens lost their lives while President Joe Biden did his State of the Union address to the country.

This is according to Google, who admitted that approximately 332 Americans die every hour of every day of every year on average.  They die from old age and getting chomped by alligators, and sure, even a few from gun violence.  And what did Biden do about it?

Nothing at all, that’s what.  He just stood there at his high-and-mighty dias and droned on and on about the workings of the United States.  Despicable.

What about the horrible illegal immigrants I hear your brains percolating?  Well, since they’re responsible for nearly a dozen murders a year as opposed to nutty right wing Americans who shoot, stab, and strangle a thousand times more, I’d suggest that issue be raised at your local Senate chamber.

Luckily, we still have one dog in this fight, and it’s a big, sweaty, hair-covered beast indeed.  That bitch is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

“Say her name!” she stood up and shouted during the speech like an ignorant bobblehead.  Although she was actually referring to Q Queen Sandra Batt, Biden simply ignored her, later knocking on her empty head like the world’s emptiest coconut.

The star of the union is fine, isn’t it Joe?  Yeah sure.  If you’re an undertaker.


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