The tragedy on Maui is only getting worse. Since “wildfires” destroyed an entire town and some large chunks of several others, residents’ worst nightmares are continuing to come true.

First, there was Oprah and The Rock and their obvious ploy to shoulder the general public with the burden of helping people while they head off to find new prime land with nothing but what used to be a home or business on it.

According to reports, Bill Gates is in on the action, buying “hundreds of burnt-out houses at pennies on the dollar.”

Gates says he’s hoping to grab enough parcels to have the southern end of Lahaina rezoned commercial so he can put a “global facility” in Hawaii that will “spread Microsoft and Gates Foundation services to the far east.” In other words…China.

ALLOD forensic journalist Tara Newhole went to the island to see what was happening on the ground and found no evidence that the story was even remotely true.

“I also didn’t see any evidence that it might not be true, since there’s really nobody there but a few families hoping to salvage something of their lives without a bunch of imbeciles making it about Bill Gates.”

Essentially, there may be proof that Gates is buying land he purposely burned with a device from space or maybe a hot air balloon, we just don’t quite have it yet. But we’ll keep you updated. God Bless America.

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