At the request of President Donald Trump, Attorney General Bill Barr has assigned a crack team of special investigators to look into the Obama Birth Certificate matter. An Inside source at the DOJ who did not wish to be named told our Senior Justice Correspondent Art Tubolls that the investigators have hit pay dirt:

“They found the REAL Birth Certificate in Kenya. If we can prove this, it will undo every piece of legislation signed by Obama. Every Justice that Obama appointed to the courts will be relieved of duty. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about this.”

Lead Correspondent Sandra Batt from our Africa Bureau spoke to Nowa Niedtazhitt, Kenyan Minister of Birth Records and Propaganda who told us the following:

“We’ve been following the Obama Birth Certificate story in the papers for years, but this is the first time anyone has actually come here to ask about it. Had they bothered asking, we would have provided the actual Birth Certificate years ago. Yes, he was born here.

Unfortunately, due to the current legal action by Attorney General Barr, we cannot release an image of the Birth Certificate until after the trial begins in the United States. AG Barr is in possession of the original Birth Certificate itself, so I would expect him to release a high-resolution image through the normal American channels.”

It looks like our patience is about to pay off. This means no more Obamacare. No more Shania Law. No more welfare for illegals. Two more Trump Supreme Court appointments. America will be returned to her rightful owners – the descendants of the Anglo-Europeans who conquered this land so many years ago.


  1. surlycurmudgen

    If further validation of that birth certificate is needed Kenyan colonization records archived in London will have sufficient records to do so.
    So not being born on American soil plus only his mother being a US citizen at the time of his birth disqualifies him from serving as president. That negates much Obama did while usurping the office and makes Trump number forty four not forty five.

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