Have you heard about Disney’s newest offering, “Peter Pan and Wendy”, to be released in July of 2023?  It’s guaranteed to be an epic fun family adventure, full of swashbuckling heroes and evil pirates.  It even has a black fairy.  No, we’re not talking about Don Lemon.

We’re talking about actress Yara Shahidi, who has been cast as the first black Tinkerbell in the history of the series.  It’s a controversial move that, for some purposefully intolerant old ass-bag conservatives, makes the entire movie “black”. Which is in itself funny, since they didn’t have a problem with “The Wiz”.

Disney’s Head of Dealing with Racist Old Shitpants, Sandra Batt, told us that the movie is a wonderful reimagining of the Peter Pan mythos.

“You’ll see popular comedian Sinbad in his first antagonistic role as the devilish Captain Hook, battling Peter and Wendy for supremacy of Neverland.  It’s just fantastic. We have CGI and we digitally de-aged Jack Black to play the lead.  Really cool.”

In the sense that he’s playing the starring role, it is accurate to call it a Black film.. His co-star, Lupita Gonzales, an illegal alien from Guatemala who doesn’t speak a lick of English, absolutely soars as Wendy.  Or, as she’s called in the movie, “chaparrita”.

So get the whole family ready and start saving your sheckles.  Peter Pan isn’t far off, and the trip to Neverland costs tree-fitty on the uptown 251 bus.


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