A County Board of Directors in Florida has taken drastic steps to punish Disney for its “woke” policies of allowing the grooming of children. The Board, containing the managers of more than 11 counties, voted unanimously to remove Disney’s charter to operate on any of their land.

The move is said to potentially cost somewhere in the area of $16 billion for Disney to fix, according to sources close to fixing things of this nature. Disney’s lawyers, unaware that this was happening at all, are now scrambling to figure out a way to use the courts or to possibly ask Ron DeSantis for forgiveness. Either scenario may end badly for the company, according to people inside the building when the announcement was made.

Outside the building, a cheer went through the crowd that had gathered, waiting patiently to hear that yet another government agency came together to own the libs. John Simple, of West Tallahassee, said he was there to make sure everyone knows that Disney is out to make your kids gay and to pass out business cards for Simple HVAC. Others were there selling Trump flags to the crowd, most of whom didn’t have that one yet.

When all was said and done, Disney’s lawyers learned that none of the counties were in places people actually go unless they live there, and none of them have enough disposable income to get to a Disney park, let alone buy a ticket. They’ve decided not to challenge the petition in court.


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