He went from “Born to Run” straight to dead in the water.

Megastar singer and performer Bruce Springsteen was apparently trying to make a statement to the Tennessee legislature last Friday.  His show at the Queefington Arena was completely sold out, with legions of fans cheering loudly as the E Street band took the stage.

Then came The Boss.  Decked out in a Vanderpump original dress, covered with purple flowers and pink polka dots.  His hair was pulled back in a bun, his face was caked with makeup and his smile was as red as an alcoholic’s eyes.

The audience was stunned, to say the least.  As Springsteen began to play his rocking set, the applause went from racous to intermittent, and finally to scatterings of nervous claps.

What was happening?

Apparently, Big Bruce was protesting, of sorts, against the state of Tennessee’s treatment of “certain people”, aka, drag queens, whom are now legally regulated within the state.  His performance for the event in drag clothing made headlines and brought more than a little surprise, shock, and depression.

“This isn’t the Boss I came here to see, y’all,” said 52- year old Joe Barron, a fan from decades ago.  “He’d never get all dressed up like some fruity pebble and gyrate around like that.  It’s disgustipating.”

He’s not alone.  Ticket sales for Springsteen’s tour have gone down like Marjorie Taylor Greene ina fire station, and cancellations are reaching nearly record levels across the country.

It sounds like someone’s going to find out that going “woke” results in going broke. I guess the Boss is going down down down down.

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