Making a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a dream for artists who can stand the test of time and facilitate a large and loving fan base.  Bruce Springsteen was inducted in 1999 by U2 frontman Bono in a humble and heartfelt ceremony.

Now, however, after The Boss decided to perform his “woke” act in drag clothing and style in front of thousands of former fans in Queefsburgh, Tennessee, that honor has been revoked.

Officials on the board of the Hall of Fame have taken the unusual and never-before-taken step of removing him from the Rock and Roll legend collection, citing : “Behavior and attitude unbecoming a member.”. Hall of Fame judge Joe Barron had more details.

“Performing in drag, for the sake of simply making some kind of political statement is abhorrent.  Mr. Springsteen seems unrepentant of the act, and will no longer be represented by this body.  We’ll give it to Kid Rock instead.”

Just this morning, representatives of the board of directors of the Hall broke into the Boss’s Beverly Hills mansion and took back the plastic platinum “Born in the U.S.A.” disc that was given to him during his induction.  They also laid with, and impregnated his rottweiler, “Skippy.”

That’ll teach him.  You know what they say : “Go Woke, Dog Gets Raped.”



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