Is it a day ending in “Y”?  That means it’s time once again for Fox News to take a single criminal incident, feature it across it’s network on a constant basis in order to blow it out of proportion to create a fictional crisis, and frighten and enrage it’s audience of over-70 gullible and reactionary teabaggers.

Such is the case with the recent “spate” of attacks on Jewish victims all across the nation.  Meaning two.

To put it in perspective, Ryan Seacrest attacked over 200 helpless bagels last Monday alone.

As we know well, somehow these attacks are completely the fault of the Biden administration, despite the glaring fact that racist organizations and neo-nazi groups happily support Donald Trump and the GOP, and still do to this day.  When questioned about the brewing fictional second holocaust that Fox is attempting to build, Vice President Kamala Harris responded by echoing the disgraced former President’s statement when he referred to a racial and Republican based in Baltimore.

“I’m sure there were good people on both sides,” Harris intoned dryly.  “I’m sure that’s what Trump would have said, right?”

The faux outrage continues to build across conservative media, however, as the manufactured story hits home among throngs of Trump supporters who believe themselves “Christian”, and pretend that Jews are important to them in some way.

Shown here, a peaceful Christian Trump supporter in Florida suggests a “Jexit.” Good thinking, Adolph.

Statistician Sandy Batt noted during a segment on Fox’s douche-chill-inducing program Gutfeld! that in reality, anti-Semitic attacks in America literally doubled in frequency every year beginning with Trump’s election.  She noted to the mentally slow host that such things happen when the leader of the free world supports and gives comfort to the most bigoted and racist support base in all of history.

Critics say that the Fox network has become increasingly desperate and sensational after it accidentally reported real news in a few instances that portrayed Trump in unavoidable reality as an incompetent and mentally-ill shitpile.  Sometimes you have to dig underneath even the cartoon garbage of Newsmax and OAN to claw back those ratings from elderly mitts.


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