Both Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts say they’ll take a knee during the national anthem on Super Bowl Sunday. The star quarterbacks represent the first time ever two black men started the big game at their position, which they consider a milestone worthy of commemorating.

“How better to show our support for the black community than taking a knee? It’s the right thing to do,” said Mahomes, “we kneel not out of disrespect for anyone, but in protest and out of respect for the victims of police violence.” Hurts made sure to add “Black Lives Matter” before they ended the interview.

How will that play out for patriots? Like it always does. Real Americans know that the only reason people kneel is that they hate the military. There’s no other reason for it that makes any sense. If you don’t hate the soldiers who keep you safe, why won’t you recognize them?

For some, the answer lies in Colin Kaepernick’s meeting with a soldier who told him that kneeling rather than sitting was the proper way to protest while being respectful. “A soldier kneels before a military widow and hands her a flag on behalf of a grateful nation, so…” Yeah, Kaep. We’ve heard it all before. Get a job.

The NFL folded on the kneeling already, saying it’s their right as “Americans” to peacefully protest. Because of course they did.

Boycott the Super Bowl and God Bless America.

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