Communist Dictator Joesph R Biden has usurped the Constitution of the United States and abused the power of the Office of the President. Joseph R. Biden, in an unprecedented, unilateral, and illegal decree, handed $1.2 billion to the illegals living in the country.

According to our source, every single person who is here illegally will be able to go into their local bank, supermarket, or 7-11, and in some states Wawa, and retrieve $500 just by scanning their fingerprint. The fingerprint is then recorded, and can never be used again.

Unfortunately, the government has no idea who might be here illegally, so the program is just sitting there funded, waiting for anyone with a clean, never-begore used fingerprint to walk in and exploit it.

A wall on our southern border would have solved all of this, patriots. It doesn’t matter about rivers and erosion or any of that crap. Build a huge friggin wall and put snipers up there. Declare the 1st hundred yards of Mexico fair game. What are they gonna do? Complain to the UN? Ask Putin how that’s worked out for his enemies.

The program will be paid for by extra tolls being collected from Freedom Convoy truckers across the country. According to the NTSB, Biden has told each state they are allowed to charge up to 100 times their normal rate for freedom truckers.

What the heck is this country coming to, patriots?


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