Russian President Vladimir Putin is using backchannels to try to broker a deal to get the US to loosen sanctions on him personally. Since invading Ukraine, Putin has lost more than $15 billion in seized American investments, including the controlling interest in New York’s Trump Tower.

According to our source, who may or may not be considered “credible” by the mainstream media, Putin is offering what he calls “dirt” on former President Donald Trump. To accept that kind of information for political gain would be illegal and Biden would most likely be impeached.

He wouldn’t however, be removed, as there’s no way a bunch of Lefty loyalists are ever gonna admit their guy did anything wrong, no matter how blatantly obvious or captured on live TV and sent around the world to 3 billion people it is.

What is the dirt? Who knows. Putin probably has the pee-pee tape. Whatever. Trump has done far worse, patriots, and we look the other way. We point at a single image of Bill Clinton with Jeffrey Epstein and ignore the scene of Trump happily dancing, most likely on drugs, giddily awaiting whatever the pedo master had going on.

That’s all speculative, of course, and exactly the kind of nonsense we can expect when the “facts” come out, patriots, so be ready.


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