Rebranding.  It’s the tentative solution to any company’s inadvertent boo-boo, the epitome of rewriting history in order to gloss over people’s mental pictures of a product.  That’s what Bud Light beer, after their latest fiasco, desperately needs right now to survive.

In wiping the slate clean, we’re all about to be introduced to a brand new beer.  Bud Life is the newest incarnation of sudsy confection, brought to you by the Budweiser company, and it will be premiering and replacing Bud Light in all markets in May of 2023.

Bud Life is nearly indistinguishable from Bud Lite, and quite a few of the brew-sipping audience isn’t impressed.

“It just tastes like Bud Lite,” says beautician Sandy Batt from Long Island, New York.  “Like the exact same thing.  Can I just get a nice Michelob?”

“This is kinda like when they switched Darrins on ‘Bewitched’, and expected no one to notice,” commented Joe Barron of Queef’s Landing, Mississippi.  “Well I noticed.  I’m a ninth level Q-anon tri-wizard.  This is all just like the Battlestar Galactica ending.”

There are a few who noticed a new and better flavor, however, and are willing to give Bud Life a shot.

“It’s really not bad,” said Missy Southard of Baconfarts, New Mexico.  “It tastes like if you shook Yoo-Hoo in an old boot with some really good weed.”

Weed, in fact, is the newest ingredient in the beer.  With marijuana now legal in 21 states, Bud is going for the gold.  Are YOU convinced?  Time for a BUD LIFE.


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