A terrible scene on I-35 in Laredo, Texas shows how desperate some of the Democratic candidates can be. A Tejano Trailways bus from Matamoros “Boys Town” México crossed the border late Saturday Night blew a tire and lost control just 32 miles North of Laredo and rolled 3 times in a ditch.

Thankfully all 183 passengers walked away with just minor scrapes, bumps and bruises. The majority of them ran off into the cold desert avoiding capture leaving just a few stranded passengers by the side of the road to succumb to the wrath of local police and ICE agents.

Border Agent Esteban Contreras, better known to friends as “Captain Joe Barron,” told us:

“We noticed that several people had Joe Biden 2020 T-shirts, ball-caps and signs. We know there is a Biden Rally in Dallas Monday night, so we speculate that these people were going to that rally to try to make the crowd look larger.”

While looking around at the wreckage we noticed that there were several boxes of Texas Driver’s Licenses, Voter ID’s, several wigs, fake beards, mustaches and changes of clothing.

“I’m not sure what to think about all of this stuff strewn around. What does it all mean? We are going to have to call the FBI on this one I think. This looks pretty suspicious if you ask me.”

It looks pretty suspicious to us too. Bus loads of illegal aliens brought in to Biden rally’s and possible voter fraud. Texas is one of many Super Tuesday states like California that is famous for rampant voter fraud. We will keep you informed on this developing story.

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