Former President George W. Bush who was in office from 2001-2009 has pledged to support Joe Biden for President in November. The former President announced his intention to endorse Biden this morning.

Bush had previously intended to stay out of the president so political fray, but now, as a Republican has endorsed a democrat. This has shocked most of the Grand Old Party, as usually, past presidents endorsed candidates from their own parties.

Presidential historian Joseph Barron says this breaks precedent. It’s never been done, as far back as he can remember. One thinks his strong friendship with Michelle Obama must have something to do with this, or Bush is back on the sauce.

Bush isn’t the first republican to turn his back on MAGA, though. Other turncoat-RINOs like Mitt Romney, Meghan McCain, and others who have a functioning brain have also said they will not vote Trump, mostly because he truly is an unmitigated disaster and a massive buffoon, which coming from George W Bush is really something.

Trump’s political allies were just as shocked, most contacting the former President, asking why and had he lost his mind. Bush was defiant and stuck to his endorsement. He said it’s what his father would have done too, and his wife Laura chimes in saying:

“If that SOB tried to grab my private area, he’d draw back a stump!”

The Trump camp thinks it’s Donald’s massive success (lol) at making America great again or his acquisition of Melania or maybe his amazing response to America’s pandemic, that he’s decided not to take any responsibility for. Trump doesn’t need Bush’s endorsement. He’s got Ted Nugent, who’s just as equally vile and ignorant.

The 2024 election shouldn’t be about endorsements from anyone as unimportant as an ex-president anyway. It should be about making America great. And that’s just what Donald Trump wants you to think.


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