A new report from a non-partisan watchdog group has busted the Biden Defense Department for sending $1.4 billion in cash to Ukraine, despite the president’s promises that the US would only send weapons and supplies.

The Citizens United National Trust Society, which has been keeping an eye on the DoD since its inception in 1813, says the cash went directly to Kyiv on a C-12 Transport vessel.

“It’s a blatant abuse of the power of the purse,” said Society Commandant Joe Barron, “that power rests with Congress alone, specifically the House of Representatives.”

No member of the House has reported any knowledge of the transfer or called for a vote on its authorization. The Biden administration hasn’t commented, and the Department of Defense has refused requests for comment.

An insider at the Pentagon says he can confirm the transfer and the amount but he can’t confirm exactly what currency the US sent. “It definitely wasn’t dollars,” said the source, who may or may not be credible, “It makes sense that they would send something untraceable, like rubles or yuan.”

The US Treasury says it has no record of the cash being ordered from the presses, which is about the only place you’d go to get that kind of stack. White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, said that reports of what was sent and why are “grossly mistaken versions of reality.” According to him, the cash was actually a suitcase full of Trump Bucks from Biden to Zelenskyy as a joke. “These should be worth about $1.4 billion if that clown gets re-elected,” said an attached note.

According to Trump, the value is spot on, and he’s going to sue Ukraine to get his money back. God bless America.



  1. Rob

    I commanded the C-12 Vessel that carried the boat/plane load of cash. We had to stop in Turkey for fuel. Crew and I ate out – loved the baklava & Pilav.

  2. Judy Walton

    Flagg, while in the Navy, did you write for Duffelblog?

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