All good things must eventually come to an end.  All bad things, too.  Just in general, there’s a beginning and an ending to everything.

On that note, ABC television has decided not to renew their venerable daytime talk show The View for it’s 2024 schedule.  The program is being put out to pasture.  Cancelled.  Shitcanned.  Ended gracefully.

According to showrunner Joe Barron, the audience, as of the last two years, and dwindled down into quite a few less than the millions it once saw in it’s heyday.

“I’ll be blunt here.  It’s a huge loser, and a big money waster right now, and the network has new sensibilities.  We have a responsibility to provide good entertainment for people to watch, and The View ain’t it.”

The program will air it’s last episode sometime in September of this coming year, with a slate of interviews with the former stars coming soon afterwards.  The hosts are already looking ahead to what comes next.

“Whoopi has been knocking on her Hollywood doors, I know.  She has gigs coming up for Dancing With the Stars and Doctor Who, and that reboot of I Love Lucy.  So that should work out.”

“I think Joy is readying to be the new face of Medicare Part C or something.  The rest of them are testing the waters of lucrative commercial contracts.  They’ll be fine.”

It’ll be jarring to see The View go, but we’ll have the new Roseanne Barr show taking it’s place.  That should really hold the time slot for the network.


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