There have been a lot of rumors circulating in political circles about what chocolate brand to trust most. Well, that’s easy. Ben Shapiro’s guy is selling off some decent stuff for a bit too much but at least it’s unwoke.

On the other hand, you could turn to Nestle, or even better…Cadbury. Unfortunately, we learned from liberal trolls early on that Hershey owns the rights to Cadbury in the US. Not anymore.

Cadbury UK cut its ties with Hershey after the debacle with the biological male on the wrapper for International Women’s day.

Cadbury CEO Joe Barron said the company is immediately revoking Hershey’s license to manufacture and distribute its products. “We have different values,” he said.

This is just the latest blow to Hershey, a company that should probably have taken a hint from the downfall of M&Ms, Nike, and Disney after true Americans ran successful boycotts. Nobody even remembers Yeti anymore.

Hershey’s stock has lost millions already as investors bail to the people who make Zagnut. “They’re still on the shelves and we still can’t find a single person who eats them.”

That’s the beauty of capitalism, patriots. Something doesn’t have to make sense to be profitable. God Bless America.


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