Caitlin Jenner, the Republican transgender woman who understands the issue as well as others in a way not many GOPers can, will be the next conservative host on “The View.”

ABC has been having a hard time finding a conservative woman to hold a regular spot on its failing show . According to inside sources, conservative hosts since Elizabeth Hasselbeck have endured everything from light hazing to full-fledged bullying.

“With Elizabeth, it was almost harmless fun. They’d rib her about being in love with Dubyah and she’d tell them they were all communists living a lie,” said our source, who agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity, “by the time Meghan McCain came along, it was Whoopi and the gang of thugs, and the bullying was relentless.”

Jenner says she’s not too worried about being pushed around by Whoopi and the crew. “I’m not like the other women they’ve tangled with,” she said, “I admit I still have the strength of the man with the legal standing of a woman. I’ll let Whoopi take the first swing and beat her ass into next week.”

Jenner’s comments drew outrage from the Left, which only wants to see women it agrees with lose control of their emotions on live recorded TV. That’s the type of ignorance we’re dealing with here.

Jenner certainly has her work cut out for her, but we’re there for her for whatever she needs. Unless it’s emotional support or the need to be around children. We can’t in good conscience offer those things.

Luckily, she understands. God bless you, Caitlin Jenner, and God Bless America.

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