Woke Disney is facing more than $120 million in lawsuits from canceled stars who have decided to fight back. Over the years, many careers have been ruined because the actors and actresses couldn’t live up to Disney’s high moral standards. Now, with the new wokeness movement of groomers, Disney cancels stars for not believing in their sick political philosophy.

Roseanne Barr, canceled from her self-named show for having an opinion unpopular among the woke, is suing Disney subsidiary ABC as well as Disney itself for slander. She’s asking for $87 million in damages. Gina Carano, canceled from The Mandalorian for being honest, is asking for $34 million.

Other stars have joined the fight but don’t have a financial interest, like Mark Lovington Sweatt, otherwise known as Kid Rock, who says he canceled his Disney plus and a plan to take some neighborhood kids to the Magic Kingdom later this year. Amanda Bynes, canceled when she went kinda nuts, says she’d like some pistachio ice cream and is otherwise down for just about anything.

Disney spokesman, Christopher “Bus” Tatroll, said the company truly just does not care what these stars, or those who think like them, want:

“So there we were, trying to figure out how to deal with the issue of loud, obnoxious assholes and their screaming, bratty, on the verge of tears from being slapped when nobody is looking all day kids. Then it dawned on us. Cancel some shit. Join the rest of the 21st century. Everyone is on board with doi9ng away with an old habit or five if it pisses off America’s morons. That’s 30 or 40 million customers we don’t want. You know those people you pass in the parking lot forcing their kids to eat soggy tuna sandwiches while all the other kids eat $16 chicken tenders? Yeah, we get it. We could lower the price of chicken tenders. Because it’s out fault that these isiotd drag their kids a mile and a half across the surface of the sun to save 30 bucks, only to come back screaming that they have to wait in line again to get in.

Good fucking riddance.”

Well, patriots. If that’s Disney’s stance, maybe we should double down and boycott it double. Like the NFL. They’ll be out of business in no time.

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  1. Doug

    Except the nfl wasn’t cancelled as phony patriots continue to tune in while they ring groups getting cops murdered

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