Candace Owens has been making waves lately as she continues to feud with Daily Wire owner Ben Shapiro. That hasn’t stopped her from running her show, however, which is the most popular thing on the tiny network.

It’s about to get a whole lot more popular, too. Candace has announced that she’s agreed to do a daily video call-in segment with Roseanne Barr that will create a crossover event between the two shows. Fans of both will be able to tune in and see their favorite host chat with their favorite guest commentator.

“It’s a revolutionary concept,” said showrunner Joe Barron, “Nobody has really done anything like it. For about four minutes, each day, the two will pick a subject and just…chat. We’re pretty excited about the whole thing.”

Test audiences said the segment was the best thing they’ve ever seen on television.

Our own Entertainment Journalisticator Tara Newhole says she’s not sure the concept is as revolutionary as Barron says it is, but that it definitely has merit. “Has nobody ever seen Stern? The segments may not be daily but people conference in all the time. On a whole bunch of shows, as a matter of fact. Doesn’t the View have a few people on speed dial?”

Newhole is a little bit cranky after her last flight from Oregon, where she covered a fake story about Megan Rapinoe, to Atlanta. “I took one too many Immodium to stop the plumbing for the flight and now it won’t get going again,” she said, “It makes me a little bit irritable.”

She then headed off to Lowe’s to arrange the mailbox letters into “Trump can lick my nards.” God bless America.


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