Alyssa Milano decided it would be a good idea to crash a seminar featuring Candace Owens — and immediately regretted it.

According to sources at the private function, Owens was on stage talking about the genocide of American babies at the hands of abortionists when Milano appeared from the back of the room shouting “bans off our bodies” and waving a purple handkerchief.

“The only acceptable abortion in the past 52 years would have been yours,” Ownes stated, and the crowd went wild. Chants of “lock her up” were joined with chants of “abort her now!”

Milano tried to start some kind of movement but ultimately ended up being tossed from the seminar like a bad habit. “The security guard touched my breast,” she complained on the way out, “HASHTAG METOO!!!”

Owens released a statement through a spokesperson criticizing Milano’s weak attempt at live trolling. “She didn’t think maybe having a few people in the room on her side was a good idea?”

Milano’s spokesman responded by pointing out the horrific $2500 per plate ticket cost and said she couldn’t possibly allow any of her colleagues to spend that much on such a “worthless pile of shit” as Candace Owens.

Owens says she’s considering suing her for the last statement, which would make for another decent storyline. God Bless America.

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