She’s the kind of Christian-values, conservative woman that liberals fear.  Smart, sassy, and, by the way, incredibly black, Candace Owens has quickly become a heroine in Trump-loving circles.

“Thank God I didn’t live to see this revolting development!”

Now, with the announcement that Owens has been rewarded for her long and unwavering support with the job of managing the campaign for the Donald’s 2024 Presidential run, the “Foxy Brown of Fox News” is about to become a real power player.

Sandra Batt, the head of Washington’s “Women For Trump” club at the Queeferland building next to the closed down wig store on Blumpkin street, says it was a no-brainer for the former President famous for no-braining.

“Candace Owens is very popular among the Trumpy crowd for many reasons, all of them selfish.  First, as a woman, she makes women with such low self-esteem as to support the world’s biggest misogynist, feel slightly less like traitors to their sex and the women who fought for their equality before them.”

“Second, of course, is that she’s black and that makes Trump’s racist base believe they aren’t, because ‘Oh, here’s one that I like!’, although they’ll tell you they like her because she speaks her mind, even though she simply echoes the exact same garbage as every other right wing dipshit pundit on a daily basis.”

The question is, with a background that includes shady college lawsuits and offhanded compliments of Adolf Hitler, does Owens have what it takes to run a serious Presidential campaign for a twice-impeached habitual liar?

“If not I’ll be right outside the door, Mistah Luthor!”

Indeed, if it’s Donald Trump’s, she actually might be the best suited.  Perhaps this assignment will be the beginning of a legendary and historical comeback of America’s greatest and most beaten down failed leader.

And maybe it’s just the satirical musings of leftist trolls writing fantasy fiction for the usual Trumptard rubes who believe anything, even when it’s clearly labeled nonsense.


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