Crew members from ABC’s “The View” had to physically separate Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar after the pair, who are typically the best of friends, had a falling out over the handling of the Chinese spy balloon. According to sources close to the show, Jow was thrilled that the Air Force shot it down, but Whoopi was afraid that when it fell it might “hit some poor sea creature.”

According to Goldberg’s spokesman, Joe Barron, Whoopi had good reason to believe that the balloon would land near a pod of nesting humpback whales. The family of whales stood a mere 4 percent chance of being hit, but to Whoopi, that was far too risky.

“We should have just let it fly away. Who cares if China gets pictures of American rednecks taking potshots at something 60K feet in the air. Bobo said it’s more than a mile. Betsy DeVos said that’s almost half. These people are idiots.”

The fight went on for a solid ten minutes, with Whoopi landing a much higher percentage of her shots but Behar far more punishing with her counters. In the end, the fight was technically a draw, but some say that’s because they’re afraid if they declared Joy the winner, Whoopi would pull the race card.

It’s not unheard of. God Bless America.


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