Chicago Ray, a proud patriot, trump supporter, trucker and conservative social media influencer is the leader of the NY Trucker Boycott. The man has a voice folks, and he used it. But using it is what got the attention of the Deep State.

The NY trucker boycott was to start already, but Chicago Ray put out a statement that read he was not protesting or joining in with the boycott. That seemed fishy to us because he had been its most vocal proponent. Then it became clear. Chicago Ray was targeted by the Deep State.

Chicago Ray is a modest man.  A kind, big hearted patriot who puts country first and knows that Donald Trump is the greatest leader this country has ever known. But some couldn’t take a good man’s peaceful protest.

A source within the Deep State, Joe Barron broke the news. The directives came directly from Hillary Clinton, who maintains residences in New York City and elsewhere in New York State. This woman has bodies on her folks, and Chicago Ray knows that. He’s not dumb. Well, he is dumb, super dumb, but that’s another story.

Apparently the Deep State got to Chicago Ray, who loves Deep Dish Pizza, Deep Sea Diving and Deep Throating orange sticks not more than 3 inches in length as a tribute to his favorite president, Donald J Trump.

Would they do away with him? Would they expose him? Would they leak incriminating photographs of him with a trans person dressed and colored as Donald Trump?

We may never know the details, but what we do know is Chicago Ray is safe and sound at his favorite Trump themed glory hole right outside of Joliet, Illinois, inside the Big John’s Big Rig Snooze & Stop   God bless Chicago Ray, and God Bless America!


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